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  1. How long do the 111mg and 333mg strength pods last for?
    Longevity varies between users based on their individual frequency of use and how long they pull for during vaping.
  2. When should I swap my pod for a new one?
    Try to replace your pod before it is visibly empty. When there is no fluid visible at the bottom, the coil chamber may already be dry. This may cause overheating and poor vapour quality.
  3. Why is my pod leaking?
    Pods may sometimes leak a small volume of fluid due to sudden changes in pressure or heat. Keep LINA products away from extreme temperatures and high humidity. Wipe exterior with an alcohol swab to remove residual fluid.
    Do not use the device while it is charging.
    Remove pod from the device while it is charging.
    If pods have been stored upside down, wipe away excess fluid and store with mouthpiece facing up.
    If leakage is excessive after trying these steps, contact support@mo.supply
  4. Can I use LINA pods in other devices?
    Yes, although compatibility is not guaranteed. The pod may not operate at its optimum and is not protected from over-current damage without a LINA battery device.
  5. Are your ingredients safe to vape?
    Consumer safety forms the core of LINA products. We choose the highest quality starter materials and employ pharmaceutical quality extraction processes in Switzerland to produce our extracts.

    Our pods are tested by a third party independent lab to ensure that they are free of contaminants, pathogens (like mould) and heavy metals. Each batch is tested upon formulation and the results are posted to our website. Click HERE to check the lab report for your pod.
  6. How long can I keep my pods for after purchase?
    Each pod has a use-by date printed on its sealed packaging. Shelf life of products is affected by storage temperature and exposure to direct sunlight. Do not use pods when their shelf life is exceeded.
  7. I can’t pull vapour from my pod - what’s wrong?
    In the winter, pods can occasionally become clogged.
    Don’t panic. Remove the pod from your device and pull through it slowly several times. Place the pod upright for ten minutes, clean the gold contacts underneath with an alcohol swab and try inserting it into the device again.
  8. How do I know my pods are original LINA products?
    Each pod is numbered during filling. Click HERE to verify your batch number.
    Each device serial number is logged during quality control. Click HERE to verify your serial number

If you suspect that your product is counterfeit, send an email to Support@Mo.Supply with the following details:

  1. Photo of the pod
  2. Photos of the packaging front and back sides

c) Contact details of retailer / website where you bought the pod or device




  1. What do the lights on my device mean?

Insert a breakdown of all possible light modes + explanation: make this bulletproof for clients - maybe a chart like old N64 cheat codes / graphic

  1. What temperature does the pod coil operate at?
    LINA pods are set to 180 degrees celcius or 356 degrees Fahrenheit fixed temperature output
  2. How do I turn the device on and off?
    Press the mode button on the top of the device 5 times to turn on device
    Press the mode button on the top of the device 5 times to turn off after use
  3. How do you plug the device in to charge?
    Using the Micro-USB cabled supplied with your device, plug the large USB end into a power source such as a laptop. Plug the Micro USB connector into the device and check that the charging light is glowing white.
  4. When is the device fully charged?
    Charging power LED changes from a glowing white to solid white. Charging is now complete.
  5. Is there a low battery warning?
    Try to recharge your device when it has two blinking LEDS left (50%)
    When the device is empty it will glow with one blinking white LED.
  6. How do I know my new pod is connected to the device?
    When you insert the pod, the white status LEDS will blink to confirm connection.
  7. How long is the warranty for my device?
    All devices come with a 4 week warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty is limited to manufacturing defects, delivery damage or materials failure. This warranty does not include accidental damage or failure arising from misuse of the products.




  1. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we ship to every country where CBD is legal and available without prescription. Contact us if you are unsure about the status of CBD in your country. 
  2. Where can I find your products in-store?
    LINA pods are available at selected retailers in London. Latest retailers are listed on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  3. Do you offer bulk discounts or wholesale?
    Yes, send an email to info@mo.supply with your enquiry.


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